What is a dental amalgam?

Commonly known as “silver fillings” due it’s appearance. Dental amalgam is made of nearly 50% out of mercury. Although the mixed of mercury with other metals rated a high durability nowadays is not the best dental option.


Disadvantages of Silver filling

In the first place this type of metal fillings are not natural looking. For example, every time you smile, talk or have a laugh you will be showing a grey part of your tooth. On the other hand, a general dentist needs to remove more tooth structure to prepare for an amalgam than for a composite filling.

Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

Even tough The American Dental Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization all agree that based on extensive scientific evidence, dental amalgam is a safe and effective cavity-filling material. At the present time, silver fillings can be considered obsolete procedure.


Safe Amalgam Removal Price in Tijuana

Meanwhile the prices of this procedure might vary based on the size of the cavity, you still get the chance to save up to 70% in dental treatments in Tijuana.


To explain the best approach to your individual dental case, the dentists in Advanced Smiles Dentistry will follow the next steps:


  1. Full evaluation

With the help of our dental assistants, the cosmetic dentist will evaluate your set of x-rays, CT scan and panoramic x-ray; along with a full clinical evaluation. As a result, we’ll be able to give a diagnosis of your current dental status.


  1. Dental procedure

Following every safety and dental protocol, dentist will proceed to start the treatment of amalgam removal.


  1. New composite fillings

Once the removal of silver fillings is done, and the dentist have replaced them with white composite resin. Our dental team will make sure you are comfortable with the results and give some indications.


If you are looking to upgrade your silver fillings, stop looking and come to the best dental clinic in Tijuana. Have a more natural look on your smile at very affordable dental prices.

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