The best dental clinic in Mexico has experienced dentists that can give you an affordable treatment plan to achieve your dental goals. All things considered, ideally you should finish your dental plan in order to improve your oral health and enhance your smile.


However, it is common that patients interrupt their treatment and leave it halfway through. This can happen for many reasons, such as: procrastination, financial issues, health problems and even change of residency.


In that case, have you ever wondered

What happens When You Don’t Go to the Dentist?


Since dental treatments are meant to prevent, diagnose and treat dental problems. Leaving dental procedures incomplete can be more expensive in the run way.


Dental Restorations

Any permanent prothesis that is not placed in proper time can affect in the fitting. For this reason, the dentist might need to opt to make a new crown, bridge, inlay or whatever restoration is it. Consequently, you will have to pay again to the dental lab to make a new one to fit your new bite structure.


Root canal

Once an endodontic therapy is completed is recommended to protect the tooth with a zirconia crown. Is common that patients interrupt the 2nd phase and avoid getting the zirconia cap. Under those circumstances the tooth is in risk of fracture.


Tooth cavities

Postpone decay removal can develop in major tooth infection. An infected tooth can lead to abscess under the gum which can affect your overall health. 


Dental cleaning

Avoiding one of the simplest procedures such as teeth cleaning can lead to bigger tooth problems like periodontal issues.



Missing our ortho appointments can end up extending your treatment time. As well as oral hygiene problems such as tartar and plaque accumulation.



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