Mexico, the best country for high quality dentistry at very affordable dental prices. Clearly if you travel to Tijuana for any dental service, you will be saving up to 70%. In addition, we accept most PPO US dental insurances.

How to find the best all on 4 dental clinic in Tijuana?

Our dental office near the border, can manage the perfect balance between quality, affordability and patient care. Additionally Advanced Smiles Dentistry has the newest dental technology and all the credentials to provide the certified dentistry.

Full arch implants

Although we are a multidisciplinary dental clinic, implant specialists and prosthodontists are based in the office to help you rehabilitate missing teeth.  Our dental expertise and bilingual dental staff have been part of hundreds of smile reconstructions.

In the case of multiple missing teeth, nowadays the best option is an all on x denture. A full arch implant denture can be the most efficient and comfortable solution to this dental problem.

By all means, this implant procedure refers to 4 or 6 Straumann dental implants placed in the jawbone. In general, with the purpose to hold a full zirconia denture. Since we have an in-house dental lab, Advanced Smiles Dentistry can offer less visits, higher quality and more affordable dental prices.

Am I eligible for an All on 4 implants?

With an experienced and certified dental team, Advanced Smiles Dentistry has the state-of-the-art facility to provide any dental service.

 For example, amalgam removal, white composite filings, zirconia crowns in Tijuana, root canals to help with your tooth pain and even the best cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana or placement of Straumann titanium implants.

Travel to Tijuana and find out if you are a candidate for a full arch denture hold by implants. Call the best dentist near San Ysidro border and pay less for your new smile.