The Digital Era

As you know Tijuana is one of the top cities for dental tourism in Mexico. That is why as Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we strive to keep delivering high quality dental care at affordable prices using our state-of-the-art clinic and top-notch technology. Living in the digital era we have added up a 3shape scanner to our dental equipment. An intra oral 3D scanner that will allow our cosmetic dentists to design your new smile. This new feature at Advanced Smiles Dentistry is not just better for us; is better for you too. You will understand easier your actual dental state leading to a better comprehension of why your dentist is proposing that specific dental treatment; all of this explained in the screen with your digitalized teeth.

Say goodbye to the gag. Say hello to 3Shape Trios*

The digital 3D scan is the evolution of dental alginate impressions (that big colored scoop with a gooey material that is placed in your mouth to take an impression). The digital 3D intraoral scanning only takes few minutes and is gooey free. Once the digital scanning is completed, the designer dentist can star designing your smile right away. You will be able to see the smile transformation before the actual change in your teeth, after all cosmetic dentistry is a major step and we get it. Therefore, since is really important to us, we’ll show you a mock up of how your teeth will look like base on your recommendations of improvement and the guidelines of the excellence dentistry that we are well known for. These teeth digital scan will not only work to show you the progress of your transformation with a 3D printed (oh yes, we own 3D printers too) dental wax try; can also be use to 3D print dental implant surgical guides, crown lengthening guides, temporary dentures and a lot of new possibilities in the dental digital world.

We strive to keep Advanced Smiles as the top dental clinic in Tijuana, offering high quality work using only the best dental equipment and technology.

Want to try out our latest dental tech? Feel free to contact us and schedule your appointment with the best cosmetic dentists in Mexico.


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