Once again Holiday season is here and Advanced Smiles Dentistry finest dentist have the trendiest dental activities for 2023. 


Day 1. Preventive Care

Main goal of our dental office is to treat more preventive care rather than major dental problems. DDS Cynthia Narvaez goal is to achieve this outcome offering more educational material.


Day 2. Digital Dental Impressions

Intra-oral digital scanning with 3Shape improves the accuracy of fitting for any dental restorations. For example, DDS JC commonly uses this equipment for the smile design process.


Day 3. 3D printing in dentistry

Although our best dentists have been using this dental technology since 2020. We strive to use 3D printing from preventive dentistry to complete full mouth rehabilitations.


Day 4. Minimal invasive dental treatments

More conservative dental procedures sometimes are beneficial to get better results, rather than take short cut being aggressive.


Day 5. Cosmetic dentistry 2023

In the light of dental tech use, cosmetic dentistry is more effective and affordable. Dr. Alejandra Ponce cosmetic dentistry goes beyond just a smile, she will build you the perfect white smile for you. 


Day 6. Straumann Implant design

For instance, dental implant planning helps for the accuracy and precision of the placement of the titanium screw. Also, DDS Alejandra Flores and Dr Jose Metzler, both implant specialist, use 3D x-ray for a better planning.


Day 7. Xray Digitalization  

Is not new the use of digital intra-oral x-rays or a CT scan (cone-beam computed tomography). However, the combination of both, plus digital design programs allow to have more emphasis on immediacy and being able to plan any dental treatment.


Day 8. Denture supported by implants

Advanced Smiles Dentistry striving to become your best option for permanent tooth replacement. For DDS Jorge Manriquez all on x implants, are the solution for patients who have lost their upper or lower teeth.


Day 9. Porcelain Veneers

Dental porcelain veneers has become the ultimate solution for different dental needs. Cosmetic dentist DDS Alejandra Ponce is known for conservative work and still awesome results.


Day 10.  Implant Bridge

A non-removable bridge has gained more and more popularity has a preferred option for missing teeth.


Day 11. Metal-free zirconia crowns

Your favorite dental clinic in Tijuana offers dental restorations with the highest quality.


Day 12. Whiter teeth

Using Opalescence, the best dentists in Tijuana can make your smile whiter.

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