Thanksgiving is more than just a Holiday with delicious food that you enjoy with family and friends. Thanksgiving features three NFL football games, that had been part of this tradition. These three football games will cover the entire day. We we’ll let you know the how and when to watch these traditional games.

First, while you are preparing the turkey and getting ready all those side dishes and dessert. You can tune Fox channel at 12:30 to watch Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lion on Michigan.
Then, you can receive all your guest with some appetizers and drinks for the 4:30pm NFL game in CBS. You can be witness of the match between Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys.
Finally, at 8:30pm the Buffalo Bills and The New Orleans Saints will be putting a show. Either you want to enjoy a delicious slice of pumpkin pie or going for the 2nd round with that turkey, you should tune NBC.

Have you ever wondered when do NFL player eat Thanksgiving dinner if they are playing?

Most of the athletes that have families have said to ESPN, that they celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday.
For example, the Dallas Cowboys have available a Thanksgiving dinner if they like to eat turkey and all the holiday side dishes. However, Archer said the most team members prefer to stick their traditional night-before-game meal. So, they can enjoy the Holiday with family and friends the day after the game.

Did you know that stadiums also offer thanksgiving dinner?

For those with suite holders or with access to the clubs a traditional Thanksgiving meal is served. From turkey and ham to mash potatoes, green bean and desserts. On the other hand, for the fans some stadiums have turkey legs and cider for sell.

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