The way dental implants are placed depends on the patient,

the type of implant and the tooth being replaced.Some

implants can be fully placed in one day.Most Implants

Involved two or three steps.First ,the implants is placed

into the jaw and the gum is secured over the implant.

Over the next three to six months the implant will fuse

with the jaw bone. Once the implant and bone have

bonded together , the dentist or specialist may attach

and extension ,called an abutment.to the implant .In

some cases ,the implant and abutment are a single unit

placed during the initial surgery.In Others , a second

surgery may be needed to attach the abutment to the

replacement teeth.Once healed ,the implant and

abutment act as the foundation for new tooth .In

the final step,the dentist or specialist makes a crown

in the right size,shape and color to match your natural

teeth. The crown is attached to the implant post.

dental implants

Dental implants provide a good alternative for the

natural tooth when it must be extracted. Candidates

for implants should have good general and oral health,

adequate bone support in the jaw and healthy gum

tissues.Chronic illnesses,such as diabetes or leukemia,

may interfere with healing after surgery and prevent

successful placement can include smoking, poor bone

quality, long term use of bisphosphonate medications,

and low estrogen levels.

Replacing a missing or diseased tooth with an implant

has several advantages.

1. Natural appearance

2. doesn’t  require dental procedures on neighboring teeth

3. Reliable

Though nothing looks ,feels or functions exactly

like your natural tooth,dental implants are a viable

alternative to help you maintain a beautiful smile.

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