What is a Root Canal? at advanced smiles Your Tijuana Dentist

Root Canal

What is a Root Canal? at advanced Smiles Dentistry Your Tijuana Dentist


For those who don’t know what a root canal is, it is the space within the root of a tooth which consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s), and other smaller canals. This area houses soft tissues such as the nerve, blood vessels, and living connective tissue.

The sensory nerves carry signals to the brain and are the reason why you would feel hot/cold/pain sensations in your tooth, while the blood vessels provide nutrition to your pulp. These tissues are what makes your tooth “alive”.A root canal treatment (also referred to as a “root canal”) is the complete removal of the pulp tissue in your root canal and disinfection of the area.

It is required when your pulp tissue becomes infected or inflamed; doing so controls the infection since all the pulp, including the disinfected tissues, would be removed.Because a root canal is a specialized dental procedure and can be quite expensive ( is an estimated of $1,400 / $1,700 USD), some people may resist doing it. However, by leaving the infected tooth untreated, the infection will spread to the whole tooth (and cause you severe pain), after which the tooth will be unrestorable even if you were to opt for a root canal then.

Not only that, the infection may spread to an adjacent area and cause further complication.With a root canal treatment, you have a 70 to 80% success rate of salvaging your tooth.At Advanced Smiles Dentistry, we offer all specialties under one single clinic and you can save up to 70% on your procedures like root canals.

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