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Tijuana Health Without Borders.

It has evolved into being one of the top cities in the world preferred by many patients, thanks to the doctors, surgeons and specialists practicing in Tijuana. Tijuana is characterized for being a modern city, dynamic, filled with history, museums, good restaurants and also great hotels. Also some hospitals are qualified and certified by the JCI, Joint Commission International and by the Mexican authorities in charge of giving these certifications. Health & Medical Tourism in Tijuana offers quality, affordable prices, but also global health by all the persons that are involved in this area. Although your stay in Tijuana not only has to be for medical reasons, or when you’re done visiting the doctor, you can take the opportunity to visit some of the touristic places, like the lobster route in Puerto Nuevo, Wine Country in Ensenada or just have lunch in one of the internationally known restaurants in Tijuana. Always following and taking all the recommendations that your specialist gives you. But being here you can enjoy a small vacation, short but after all you deserve it. The Health & Medical field in Tijuana it’s always aware and keeping close attach to his patients, giving them the most outstanding quality, and personalized service. We at Advanced Smiles Dentistry will take care of all your dental needs in one single clinic. we are your friendly Tijuana Dentist!