Sinus Lift & Bone Grafting in Tijuana

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If you have had missing teeth for some time, perhaps wearing unsecured dentures for a few years.

the chances are you will have suffered some bone resorption.
When teeth are lost, over time the jawbone beneath them will start to shrink back.
This can lead to a sunken, prematurely aged appearance in the face, and can be an obstacle

for patients who are considering dental implants.

The good news is that even if you have suffered bone loss,

you may well still be able to have dental implants.

Even if your dentist has told you that you’re not suitable for implant treatment

because of low bone density.

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Bone grafts are used on the lower jaw, whereas sinus lifts are used

For patients requiring implants at the back of the upper jaw.

The procedure can usually be carried out under local anaesthetic.
Whenever possible, we will take a small amount of bone from another site within your mouth.
In most cases using your own tissue increases the chances of successful treatment.
A sinus lift works on similar principles to a bone graft, except that your implants

can in some cases can be  placed at the same time. The jaw bone under the upper

back teeth is often shallow, so this is a relatively common procedure The lining of the sinus is lifted up and your implants are put in position,before osteoconductive material.

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