If you’re missing a tooth, you’ve got several options. The least advisable is to do nothing!

It’s not just about aesthetic Replacing a lost tooth is important to restoring maximum function,

maintaining the alignment of surrounding teeth, and preserving facial contours.
Over time, those adjacent to a toothless gap can drift to fill the space and move

out of alignment.  Additionally, tooth roots below the gums provide stimulation

 that the underlying jawbone needs to maintain its form and density.


Following are common approaches to replacing a lost tooth.

The most appropriate for you will depend on a variety of factors that you should discuss

with your dentist.

This is actually a tooth root replacement to which a separately fashioned crown is attached.
For successful implantation, there must be a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone

to anchor the implant and the adjacent gums and teeth must be healthy.

Certain systemic health conditions may preclude implantation as well.
Nobody really wants to live with missing teeth. So, throughout history,

human ingenuity has come up with various ways of replacing them

If your parents lost a tooth, they probably had only one good choice for its replacement:
the three-unit fixed bridge. But today there’s an even better option available the dental implant.
Why do we think dental implants are the best method yet found for tooth replacement?

It’s all about bone tissue.

Even if you can’t see a missing tooth, the bone in your jaw “knows” it’s gone.

Without the stimulation that teeth provide, the alveolar bone begins to resorb

The bones in the jaw support facial structures like cheeks, lips and chin.
As bone disappears, cheeks begin to sink in, lips lose their support,

and eventually the lower third of the face shrinks, exaggerating the appearance of aging.

Aside from esthetics, bone loss can also lead to problems with the gums, the bite,

and other health and nutritional issues.

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