Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big of a Deal?

Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big Deal? Dentist in Mexico
Is Chipping a Tooth Really that Big of a Deal?
Dentists are frequently asked questions about chipping a tooth

“Is it that big a deal? Doesn’t it depend on how big the chip is?

I mean if it is just a littlechip, it can’t be that bad…can it?”

The answers to these questions are variations of the same theme.

Yes, chipping a tooth means you have lost valuable tooth structure

and potentially laid the foundation for additional chips and cracks.

Or you may need a root canal if the chip is close to the pulp containing the nerve

and it doesn’t heal properly from the trauma.

As for repairing a chipped tooth, your dentist can usually fix minor chips

with modern bonding techniques using tooth-colored filling materials.

For larger chips that involve more tooth structure, your dentist may suggest a crown (cap) or a veneer. For free consultations please visit our clinic in Tijuana Mexico

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