Getting a Hollywood Smile for Less

Getting a Hollywood Smile for Less


Thinking of saving a few bucks and enjoying nice vacation in Mexico?

Nowadays many North Americans choose to visit Mexico and use low cost dental implants procedures.

Many of Mexico dental practices have very high quality of services and prices are up to 70% cheaper than in USA or Canada.

For the average American, Dental insurance can hardly be considered a commodity. Statistics show that less than sixty percent (60%) of Americans have medical insurance.

Among those who can afford to pay insurance premiums, only two thirds have insurance policies which include dental coverage. This goes to show how adequate dental care is beyond the reach of the average United States citizen who cannot see a dentist.

Clearly, comprehensive medical insurance is not the solution for Americans . Today, a more viable option would be to explore the possibility of coming to Tijuana.

Dental tourism is a practical solution for those seeking to save thousands of dollars in treatment costs. This is the case even when factoring in the cost of transportation and lodging.  In attempting to explore the dental tourism landscape in Mexico.At Advanced Smiles Dentistry in Tijuana, we can promise you that you will get a better price than the U.S and also we promise quality in our work.