Tijuana Dentist /Is Bone Graft Really Important Before Placing a Dental Implant?

Is Bone Graft Really Important Before Placing a Dental Implant?

Tijuana Dentist /Is Bone Graft Really Important Before Placing a Dental Implant?

Bone regeneration for implant dentistry is a routine procedure in periodontal and oral surgery. With new technology, dentists today are able to use grafting materials to regenerate lost bone with predictable results. This ability is critical for patients who need to replace missing teeth but lack enough bone for anchoring implants.

Today dental implants, which are used as artificial tooth replacements, are the standard of care.  In order to have predictable, long lasting dental implants, thick and good quality bone is needed to secure them in the jaw for life.  It has been shown repeatedly that tooth socked preservation after extraction using bone grafts ensures more predictable bone healing and dramatically increases your chances for being a dental implant candidate.



Extracted teeth that are carrying bacterial plaques are considered a clinical waste and are disposed of in medical biohazard bags. Experts estimate that over 20 million teeth are extracted each year in the United States alone.

Autogenous dentin is the best bone graft material for socket preservation and alveolar bone augmentation. This is why the new Smart Dentin Grinder is such a powerful and beneficial tool for your practice, as extracted teeth can be transformed into bacteria-free particulate dentine for immediate grafting.

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