How to Locate the Best Dentist in Mexico?

How to Locate the Best Dentist in Mexico?

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How to Locate the Best Dentist in Mexico?

This should really be self-evident and applies to any dentist in any country. You can get good and bad in Mexico. You can certainly get bad care there, perhaps more easily than in the US since they don’t have the same agency oversight that you have here. So, you do have to be picky about your choices. In Tijuana many dentists are specialists, so if you’re looking to have implant work done, for example, I would look specifically at dentists with specialties in implants. And further, I would go with established dentists with an established reputation. There is a lot of competition in Tijuana and literally thousands of tourists travel there every day. If your dentist has been operating for many years with a good reputation and is still in business he/she is likely to offer pretty good care. Also very important!!! Look up the dental clinics name on the web to see all the good and bad reviews that will surely help a lot!

 Mexico is a safe place to visit, the same way I’m not going to tell you that all parts of Los Angeles are safe to visit. There are certainly many towns that are not safe at the moment, But I can absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt tell you that Tijuana is fine to visit for your dental needs. This is a tourist city with actually the most visited border in the world, with literally thousands of people coming through every day. There are more tourists than locals here, and everyone depends on the business.

Typically any work you get done in Tijuana will cost ~1/3 of US prices and this is true of most Mexican border towns. How are they able to do it? Mostly because of lower operating costs, lower insurance, lower labor costs etc. As an example here are some costs:
Cleaning $25-40
Root Canal $200-250
full porcelain (no metal) Crown $350
Dental Implants $1200-$1700
and for more major work? U.S patients that have been quoted ~$50,000 for a major restoration (with implants) in the US and got them done for $17,000 in Tijuana. Work costs will vary somewhat from office to office, so ask around before setting-up your appt.

We at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, are a Dentist in Tijuana that strives on giving our patients a reason to smile again. Having the latest technology with digital X Rays and offering all specialties under one single clinic with a bilingual staff and free consultation to all our new patients. With free pick up service at the border when requested. We are located in Zona Rio also known as the Medical District. Just 5 minutes away from the border. Our prices are up to 75% less when compared to the U.S in most procedures.

Our address is German Gedovius #10489 local 102 Condominios Del Rio Zona Rio Tijuana 22010 (619) 488-1557