What makes a dental implant so strong?

Treating Process for Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico. 
What makes an implant so strong is that the jawbone grows it around and holds it in place. This process, called Osseointegration, takes time. It might be several months before the implant is fully incorporated to the bone. Then the patient could possibly get the long-term replacement tooth or teeth. Oftentimes, temporary replacing teeth and the implant can be put in one single visit to your dentist in Tijuana Mexico. Your dentist will create a program to assist you maintain your implant and natural teeth healthy.
Implants offer strong support to man-made teeth. Bridges dentures or single teeth attached to the implants won’t slip or change in your mouth-a very significant benefit speaking and when eating. This secure fit also helps man-made teeth feel more natural or dentures. Some individuals may find implant-supported dentures cozier than dentures that don’t use implants. Dental implants additionally help to keep the jawbone from shrinking where teeth are missing. Implants are a great value, simply because they can last a life with attention that is good. Single Tooth Implants. 

We at Advanced Smiles Dentistry, are a Dentist in Tijuana that strives on giving our patients a reason to smile again. Having the latest technology with digital X Rays and offering all specialties under one single clinic with a bilingual staff and free consultation to all our new patients. With free pick up service at the border when requested. We are located in Zona Rio also known as the Medical District. Just 5 minutes away from the border. Our prices are up to 75% less when compared to the U.S in most procedures.

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Is Dental Tourism in Mexico The Best Option For You?

For the last 30 years, there has been an ever increasing flow of US dental patients heading south of the border for dental tourism. In fact, Mexico has become the top destination for dental tourism in the world. For dental tourism in Mexico, the most visited city, bar none, is Tijuana. Dentists in Tijuana have gained a great reputation for being the best dentists in Mexico.
 This is because of several factors. First, because of the close proximity and easy access for the 25 million inhabitants of southern California, it just makes sense to make dentists in Tijuana their first choice for dental tourism. The huge flow of dental tourism patients has drawn some of the best dentists in Mexico to establish their dental practices in Tijuana.
Another effect is, there is such a high demand for dentists in Tijuana, one of the top dental universities in Mexico, UABC, was established in Tijuana to offer top quality training for Tijuana dentists. Also, the tourism industry in general, including top quality hotels, and great restaurants has become highly evolved. In other words, all the factors needed to create a culture conducive to dental tourism are in place in Tijuana, Mexico.
This has drawn even more people, not just from southern California, but from all over the US, and Canada, to Tijuana for dental tourism in Mexico. Today, Tijuana is certainly the top destination in Mexico for dental tourism, and in fact is the top destination in the world for dental tourism patients.

BLOG-Dentist in Tijuana are the best for Dental Implants.


Dental implants certainly offer the best alternative for tooth replacement. This is because the implants act like a natural tooth root in that they stimulate the bone, and prevent bone loss. This modern technology is now available with dentists in Mexico.
In the USA, dental implants are very expensive, and will average nearly $4000 per tooth replacement. However, with this technology available in Mexico, and with the Mexican dentists receiving superior training in dental implant surgery, the prices for dental implants in Mexico are much more affordable.
The cost of a dental implant, with abutment and crown is only $1350 in Mexico. That is just 1/3 the price for the same treatment with a US dentist. At Advanced Smiles Dentistry,  Dr Julian De Anda is our Implant Specialist  trained in Mexico for dental implants. The process of surgically placing dental implants in Mexico takes two trips to Tijuana. On the first visit, the dental implant surgery will be completed in one day. Then after 3 to 4 months of healing, you will have to return for the second phase of the dental implant process, which will take two visits. First the Mexico dentist will do the placement of the abutment, and then fabrication and placement of the crown.
Phase two will take two or three days to finish, and then you will leave your Tijuana dentist office with a new tooth in place. Advanced Smiles Dentistry is your dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. We promise to take good care of you, and will be attentive to your dental needs.

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